WebSite Maintenance Packages Website maintenance is a critical part to any business. Every business premises needs to be maintained and […]

WebSite Maintenance Packages

Website maintenance is a critical part to any business. Every business premises needs to be maintained and a website is no different. In the good old days, people had their websites built and that was that. Job done. The excitement of having your new or existing business eventually online and all that was needed, was people contacting you online.  

Well, the truth is, that's not reality. The reality is that having a website built is just the beginning of the process and the next step is to attract people to you online. Marketing is one way as it can drive traffic to your website. SEO is another way but so few knew this years ago and now it's become a critical tool to having your site seen in all the right places online.

Many big companies are taking advantage of this as they know the advantages. These advantages are obvious with more people clicking onto their websites as a result of good site maintenance and the right search engine optimisations carried out on a regular basis . 

Use Website Maintenance as part of your Overall Marketing Plan

Website maintenance should be at the top of the overall marketing budget for any business. In fact it should be at the very top of the budget as a website is the online home of your entire business. It is the showpiece and the communication center of everything you do. So it has to look and perform at its very best for the best experience for your potential clients. Anything less is simply not good enough to be honest and the first to see that will be the potential client. The other entity that will see this is the search engines and if your website is not up to scratch then it will rank very poorly with virtually no one finding this business. 

Your website needs to be fast, responsive, excellent navigation and all the right keywords and content. All of this information needs to be compiled correctly so the search engines can read it and see that this website is worth ranking as a legitimate business website. 

Think of the search engines like google being the inspectors of your website, like a physical inspector visiting your business premises. Imagine you are a restaurant and they inspect the kitchen. Let's say it's a mess and everything is scattered all over the place. Will they recommend this place? I think not. The same applies online. If the website is a bit of a mess then you will get the same result and not be recommended ( Ranked ). 

So I have a few packages for businesses that want to have their online presence fully optimised every year. Have a look and see which one fits in with your monthly budget. Each package will have lots of strategies carried out by WebConsult and also advice to businesses who want to carry out their own strategies on their websites. Please choose the package that resonates with you.

I have some blogs here that will explain Maintenance and SEO in a bit more detail. SEO For Business & SEO Explained in Simple terms.

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