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SEO Packages offer a wide range of SEO Services including Technical SEO, Maintenance SEO and Hire Us Hourly for Businesses Online.

SEO needs to be done correctly from the very beginning. Our Packages below demonstrate this with our first one being Technical SEO.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is like the foundation of a house. It needs to be solid before anything is built on top of that. We optimise everything from the very beginning and make sure that your website ready for all the search engines.

We look at Server Performance, Website Performance, Security, Speed and all the content on your website so its ready to be indexed and ranking well from the very beginning. I can't stress this enough. Technical SEO needs to be done on all websites.

Once that is completed, a business can start targeting the local area with the right keywords and content related to their business.


Maintenance is the next step and this Package is for those who want to keep their website fully updated serviced along with looking to rank their business to the County, Provence and eventually nationally.

This process takes time and lots of effort from both the business owner and ourselves here at web consult. As the business grows, we start a process where we write more content, connect to more websites and networks further out. Ranking a website is no different than building up a physical business over time. It take time and the right plan put in place.

We work with some of the biggest names in the business and each one is on their own journey of ranking well on Google. Some are just at the very beginning of this process and some are further along. So we like to support each business and help them reach their chosen Outreach.

Hire Us Hourly

We came up with an hourly service so everyone could benefit from our services and whatever stage they were at, with their online business. Whether you are on a budget, Need a few fixes, redesigns or help setting up your online presence in anyway, we can help.

Please fill in the form below of you would like to start ranking well on google.

If you are not quite ready yet then please go to Our Blog for more information about SEO, Maintenance and business strategies that may be helpful to you in the future.

Technical SEO

Prices Start from €400 Per Website.

  • SEO Consultation ( FREE )
  • SEO Strategy
  • Business Niche Keyword Research
  • Website SEO Audit
  • Pages , Blogs , Products , Categories , Tags and image Optimisations
  • Relevant Installation of Required Plugins.
  • Website Speed Tests and Speed optimizations.
  • Navigation Testing on Desktop and Mobile
  • Fixing any Navigation issues.
  • Redesigning Website where necessary.
  • Security Testing
  • Installing Security and SSL Certificate
  • Registering Website with Google.
  • Submitting Sitemaps to the Google Search Console.
  • One Month Full monitoring of Website
  • Adjusting Keyword phrases where necessary.
  • Report of all work carried out and suggestions for further improvement.

Website Maintenance

Prices Start at €250 Per Month Per Website.

  • Maintaining Website after technical SEO is carried out.
  • Monitoring Website and Server issues on a monthly basis.
  • Fixing any issues that may arise.
  • 2 hours of Design Changes per month.
  • Optimization of additional Pages , Blogs , Products , Categories, Tags and images each month .
  • Monitoring of Search Engine Ranking and Reporting.
  • Optimization of Google my Business and monitoring.
  • Monthly suggestions for better rankings each month .

Hire Us Hourly

€40 Per Hour

  • Any Optimisations
  • Any website Fixes
  • Plugin Installations and setup
  • Server Issues
  • Website migration and setup
  • Server setup
  • Installing SSL Certs
  • Secure your website .
  • Website or SEO Consultations
  • Image optimizations
  • Speed up your website.
  • Fix navigation Issues
  • Set up Google my Business
  • Register your business on Google
  • Submit sitemaps to Google
  • Blog Creation
  • Business consultation
  • Create a facebook page
  • Manage your facebook
  • Social media Consultation
  • Get you SEO done in stages per hour.
  • Any related online fix or Job is considered.

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SEO Services
SEO Services
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