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About Us

About Us

I setup June or July of 2020 after spending time freelancing for Various Digital Media Agencies in Ireland. This is a surprising number of Marketing agencies that the need the help of an SEO professional as they are either too busy or they just don't know enough about the process.

So during the lockdown, I decided to build and reach out to other businesses that may need my help to find more Organic traffic for their Business.

I am pleased to say that so far I have no regrets as more and more businesses are coming to me for help. SEO is quite a unique process as everything has to be set up correctly from the very beginning. The foundation of any business is critical and SEO in my opinion is one of the most important ingredients to that process.


I also like to have my Irons in my own projects which helps me become better at business and SEO Constantly. Everything changes so fast and I have to be constantly changing as Marketing and its techniques are changing all the time.

Understanding all this helps my clients greatly as I implement everything I know into their projects. I love nothing better than to see any business improving with the work I have done for my Clients.

This Business passion I have has led me to my other passions. One of them is to help people as best I can with Freedom Design and as a Life & Business Coach. The other is my love for music and helping the people that produce it with Musibiz.

It is safe to say that the core behind everything I do is to benefit others in any way I can and qualified to do.

Good Reputation

Webconsult is very new but already it is getting a very good name and Businesses are very happy to get on board and have their business fully optimized and ready for the Search Engines to Index them and Rank them very favourably.

I take a deep interest in everyone of my projects and I realise that my work is extremely important to the success of my Client's business. Some of my clients might say that I go over and beyond of what is expected but I enjoy the work and want the business to benefit.

Other Services

So far, all Business are very happy with their website's current performances. I offer additional services to Compliment my SEO Agency. From a simple website fix to a complete website resign if needed. My maintenance packages are very popular with clients. This allows a business to get on with their daily running of the business and I can look after the website end of things.

I also offer Business Consultations for business owners who might need one to one advice and guidance to get their business off the ground. My coaching skills along with my business acumen offer a very unique approach to the way business is done. I believe that with the right tools in place, any business can be successful and enjoyed fully.

I like to deal with small to medium-sized enterprises and start-ups to help them set up and make an immediate impact. Through close mentoring, partnership and on-going support, I am here to help my clients through every step of the online process.

Contact us today and speak to us about how we can help you achieve prominence in your field.

Are you thinking of starting up in business?
Our consultants will guide you every step of the way!

About Us
About Us
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I have been in business all my professional career.
I know what it takes to succeed in todays demanding environment.
With over thirty years experience, I bring with me the tools and knowledge to
get your business out of the blocks and in front of the competition.
Give me a call today and lets get things started.
SEO Services for SMEs
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Identifying what needs to be done with any business and strategising a real plan...
Michael Kiernan - Director & Consultant

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